Thursday, June 10, 2010

A DELIGHTFUL little gift!!!

I've been meaning to share a little something with you. A few weeks ago I received the most GORGEOUS and DELIGHTFUL little gift on my doorstep. One of those little gifts that when you open you GASP so loudly that anyone standing close by asks... "Are you OK!!!" in this case it was my eldest Flossie... asking "Mummy ... You OK???"

Well I am happy to report that YES I was OK... and the gasping only continued as I emptied the contents of the box!!

The GORGEOUS Adele sent this little bundle over for me...and I have to say it made my day. I still have the contents sitting here on my desk and it indeed brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.

Here is my GORGEOUS parcel:-

See that AMAZING flower in the front there... well see this GORGEOUS little handmade bag... this is what it arrived in!!!... Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!!????

And this card... WELL!!! Nothing short of breathtaking!!! And I might add even more STUNNING in real life!!!!!
The words inside were absolutely beautiful!! Im SOOOO very lucky to have met so many wonderful, clever and talented ladies through my little hobby. I can't wait to get to meet Adele.. hopefully at next years Convention.

Thanks SO much for stopping by.



Paula said...

I would have gasped too! What a beautiful gift to get - lucky you!

Karen said...

What a beautiful gift SJ! You certainly were spoilt!