Monday, February 23, 2009

A Quick One


I am still here. My beautiful little family and I have just returned from a week away camping!!! Yes that's right CAMPING. Some may say I'm crazy for camping with a 2yr old and a 4mth old baby.... I can hear some giggles!!!! We had a wonderful time, Jorja got to run around and get REALLY dirty, run through sprinklers FULLY CLOTHED, while being watched and adored by the numerous elderly 'Caravan Campers' that were there, she got to go swimming at the beach and dig in the sand, quite possibly ate a fair bit too, 'Shoo' the ducks away, which generally ended in the ducks getting pretty much most of what she was eating (the 'Shoo Duckies' was to STOP that from happening, but amongst all the excitement the food seemed to get launched in the attempt), and then there was the getting to stay up a little bit later than her normal bedtime...which of course as all you mothers will know... finally caught up with her.. LOL. Ella of course got to watch most of this from the comfort of her Bouncee or Pram and she occassionally (while her BIG sister was sleeping) got to have a play on the Air Matress, she did however and unfortunately have a little trouble settling into the 'Camping and Tenting Lifestyle' returning to what seemed like 'NewBorn' sleeping patterns, these of course started to settle down to almost a normal pattern on the LAST night... isn't that always the way. Hahaha.

Well we are home safe and sound and looking forward to our next Camping Trip, hopefully soon.

Now that you've endured my waffle, I did infact want to let you know that I will be back soon to show you some creative bits and pieces, so please come back and check them out.

Thanks for stopping by.