Thursday, October 21, 2010

Creativity of a different kind!!!

Hello!!!! Here's a post of a different kind....something creative.. YES.. but not of the Card or Paper Crafting variety!!!

Many of you may have already read the GORGEOUS and FABULOUS Karen's current post here about her little journey!!

Well... I too have been on that very same journey and like Karen it started with this:-

My little point and shoot.. which led to endless frustration when the FLASH decided it might like to go off ALL the TIME and create ... well... you can see... my pale faced flossies.. who under normal.. unFLASH circumstances are a GORGEOUS olive colour.. you see my problem.. hahaha

Which led to this:-Isn't she GORGEOUS!!!

And then led to this!!!:-

Although... this sweet shot is now referred to as the "buy me a Pony" shot.. thanks to Aunty Lulla and Aunty Kiki!!!!..

I've LOVED learning about my fabulous new toy.. it's been so much fun.... it's been even more FUN doing all that learning with a very dear friend! :D

I'm about to embark on the next and VERY EXCITING step of this little journey and learn a little more on taking Portraiture photos... I can't wait.. now.. who to take photos of... you see my little ones.. somewhat like Karen's now RUN for dear life in the opposite direction or quite often tease me into believing they are going to allow me to take a photo and give me the CHEEEEEESSSSEEEEE (yes you all know the one) shot!!! Um YEP!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and if you haven't seen Karen's amazing photos.. NO REALLY they are AMAZiNG... pop on over and have a looksie.



Danielle Daws said...

WOW!! Fantastic shots! I'd love a digital SLR... *sigh* :-)

Karen Giron said...

Heehee!!! I love it! I'm so glad we're on this crazy journey together - Monday!!!! Can't wait! Your photos are gorgeous! Love those sweet little faces and their cries for a pony. I'm sure you have room, right? Sweet and beautiful girls!!

Sharnee Torrents said...

WOW really it takes that amazing photo!?!?! Ok so what i want to see it the exact some photo with both the cameras the old and now the new to really, really see the difference! Can you do that for me lovely?!?!
THese pic's are super gorgeous!! WOW!!! I love the moments you've captured! Well done and HOORAY for the new "girl" in your life!! he he!
hugs me :0)