Monday, October 4, 2010

Crafty Goodness in a different way!!!

"If you've popped in to see the Sweet Sunday Sketch... just click here"... but you might like this post too... I'm just saying!!!

Hello!!! I know!!! It's only Monday and I'm Back with another post!!! Crazy!!!... I hope you're sitting down!! hahaha

Sooo.. I thought I'd show you some "Crafty" goodness in another form.. yep.. this one doesn't have any stamping...rather a whole heap of SUGARY goodness.. YUM!!!

This is the reason my Sweet Sunday Sketch post was SOOOOO late... this is what I was creating on Saturday night in readiness for my SWEET, GORGEOUS little Girl's 2nd Birthday party!!.. Wanna see?

Oh ok!!!:-

I had SOOOO much fun making this for Ella... I LOVE making cakes and always enjoy making the girls birthday cakes.. but I have to admit that I think this one is my ALL TIME favourite!!!
The kiddies at the party must've thought so too... there was absolutely NOTHING left... What!!.. no birthday cake leftovers!!! :D

Thanks so much for stopping by.



Sam said...

I am salivating on my screen Sarah! What a magnificent concoction. It looks too beautiful to cut in to.


jamfiescreations1 said...

This little cake is so cute. How creative.

Karen said...

I'm joining Sam with the Salivating. That is one BEWDIFUL lookin cake SJ! Go you!


delysc said...

wow sarah ..you could set up shop and sell these!
I did cake decorating before stamping and scrapbooking and this is gorgeous!

Lynn said...

Wow...this is amazing...I am so impressed!!!

Adlewiess said...

mmmmmmmmm yum yum YUM!!!! That looks too good to eat!! How delicious! Did you just create the idea yourself??? Silly q probably hey...you creative genius you! Yum - I really really want cake now....hehehehhe xxx

Fiona Harrison said...

Just divine, what a scrumptious cake, too pretty to eat. What a wonderful Mum you are, fi x

Lee said...

I'm so glad you got a nice photo of it before it before it was DEVOURED!! Can I just say it tasted even BETTER than it looks!
It just ain't right that one person should hog all the creative talent ;D

Lulla xxx

Steev and Sandra said...

That is the most creative cake I have ever seen... i bet you daughter loved it

Gabby said...

Fabulous, awesome cake! :)

Joanna M said...

Wow Girl! You make amazing cakes! ella must of loved her cake! It is just amazing! You are soooooo talented! Hugs, J