Monday, November 1, 2010

Ooohhh!!! Don't mind the Mess!!!

Hello!!! Hello!!!!

I'm a BIG bit excited!!!! I've got a new look!!! Do you LIKE it???? I'm kinda loving it!!! hahaha

Sooo... I've been playing with this for WAY too long and FINALLY the penny dropped.. yep it was definately one of those light bulb.... HEAD SLAPPING!!!!! ... Are you SERIOUS!!!! moments.

Please excuse the MESS.. I have a little bit of cleaning up to do.. which I hope to get to ASAP.. I REALLY need a cuppa now though... SERIOUSLY.. that head slap HURT!!!! hahaha.

Do let me know what you think!!

Thanks for stopping by.



Karen Giron said...

Me likes!!! It's SO you!

Patrice said...

Gorgeous, love it. This new look suits you :o)

Karen said...

Ooooooooooooooo me likey ALOT!!! Please don't tell me you did this alllll by yourself! It's just lovely and so very SJK like! lol

Luv Karen

Fiona Harrison said...

Just gorgeous, much more you I think. I spent hours trying to do mine up one day & gave up. Whose design did you use?

Shandell said...

The new look is gorgeous!

Lynn said...

Love it - suits you perfectly!

Lee said...

Ohhhhhh! So craftily edgy! I love it!!! Did you use Photoshop? oh dear, I may need some serious help with my wee blog now, it's so sad :(

Well done!

Lulla x

Sharnee Torrents said...

Beautiful Sarah!
It's totally awesome!!! Love the background and the little daisies at the end of the post and the iron looking bits on the side and the HEADER!!! It's very pink, any reason for that??!!?? :) he he!!!
You should be very happy!!!! (feel free to give me some tips on how i can change my too....)
Love and HUgs and SMiles
Sharnee :)

Adlewiess said...

ohhhhhh so PRETTY!!!!! You are so clever! How did you do it all? I would have NO idea - just stick with the same old boring boring! I LOVE it - especially those gorgeous flourishes that head up all your side bar thingy's and of course the PINK!!!!! Love love love it! xxx xxx xxx

Tracey said...

I like it, much lighter. Good work.

Anthonette said...

What a pretty new blog design! Love it.

Makeesha Byl said...

ooohhh love the new look SJ so pretty and delicate, just like you! Keesh x

Tanya Kitto said...

Sarah, LOVE the new look of your blog