Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sweet Sunday Sketch!!!!!... it's COMING!!


I'm SO sorry... I had a little accident here today, which resulted in a rather lengthy wait at the Childrens hospital Emergency room.. with my little one deciding she'd like to see what would happen if she came into close contact with the edge of a coffee table... lets just say the coffee table faired better!!!!

She's OK.. actually to anyone else you'd never even know what had happened.. she's running around, screaming and generally having a fabulous Flossie time.. ahhaha.

It did mean though that I haven't had a chance to sit down and create my Sweet Sunday Sketch card.. BUT.. I WILL have it up for you this afternoon... HOPEFULLY.. so please come back and visit :D

Again.. I'm SO sorry.

xx Sarah


Bronwyn Eastley said...

Aaaaw! So sorry to hear about your little one. I hope she recovers well from her injury! ... and your SSS card will be worth the wait I'm sure!

Adlewiess said...

I've been checking and checking and checking and was just about to email thinking something must have gone wrong???? Hope your little flossie recovers perfectly - they're tough little nuts aren't they! :) Sorry to hear about your mishap but don't stress - we'll all still be here waiting when you find the time! xxx xxx xxx