Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Beautiful Ella!!!!

Ok!!!! I've been very slack, I know, but it's better late than never... RIGHT!!! hahaha.
Here are a couple pics of my BEAUTIFUL Ella. Oh and one with me in it too... yes I do look a tad tired in it I know... but there are just some things we can't hide...hahaha.

I think she is just GORGEOUS!!!! I can't believe she is ALREADY 3 weeks old.... how time flys... if only it could slow down a bit!!!

Hope you like the pics.
Will be back soon, and hopefully with some beautiful creations for you.



Traveling Mama said...

Ella is gorgeous! And you look fantastic! It really does go by quick doesn't it? Next week will be a month!

Sankari W. said...

oh my goodness - she is GORGEOUS!! look at those sweet lips!! soooo sweet! and You look beautiful!!! i love those sweet sleeping baby pics -- they do go by fast - when I look at my kids now, it s hard to beleive that they could have ever fit into my belly!!! LOL!

sending you a TON of hugs!!
hope you are getting lots of rest!! and some "me" time to stamp!!

much love,
Sankari :)

Sam said...

Sarah...your little Ella is beautiful! What a sweet baby girl, and such a lovely name.

I think you look fabulous too. Wish I looked that good when I was tired!!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Ella is just gorgeous! Congratulations! You didn't look tired to me at all, but I bet you are on the inside :)

Anonymous said...

OH Sarah - She is just beautiful! So glad you are enjoying her because it just all goes too fast! You look fab, and take care of yourself!
Love keesh xpatagis

Unknown said...

She is beautiful, Congradulations.