Friday, May 20, 2011

Some MORE Convention Excitement!!!

Hello!!!!!... It's Friday and it would appear that ALL the rain Perth has missed out on has fallen this morning!!.. Goodness.. that was a whole HEAP of rain is a very short time!!!

Soooo... given it's cold and wet today I thought I'd share some more Convention excitement with you... there will be more.. I've not got my Awards Dinner pics ready yet!! :D

Ok!.. lets go!!:-

 First up!!... The TWO SJK's... yep... same first name...ok.. so I don't have a second name.. but the J in my first name is the same as the J is Sarah's second name!!.. Confused!!??? hahaha... Different surname though ;-). LOVE, LOVE this GORGEOUS girl.... and although I hugged her at any given opportunity while we were away.. I'm LUCKY enough to live about hmmmm... 7mins away should I require a SJK cuddle at any time!!.. Mwah... Love ya to bits!!

 The BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL Sharnee!!!... Really... I simply ADORE her... and still don't think I got to HUG her enough at Convention... Sharnee really is one of the most beautiful, kind and AMAZING ladies I've had the pleasure in meeting. Unfortunately she lives a little too far away for impromptu cuddles... so I have to get my Sharnee hug fix via cyber space... Love you Sharnee!!!

 The AMAZINGLY talented Claire Daly!!... AMAZINGLY talented!!!.. I've stalked Claire's blog FOREVER!! It was SO lovely to catch up with her again this year!! xxx

 The gorgeous Fi!!... I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing a room with Fi last year at Convention!!!... She's absolutely GORGEOUS and it was AWESOME to catch up with her again this year!!.. xxx Fi

 The beautiful Inky LouLou!!!... who is NOT allowed to kill me for posting this GORGEOUS picture of her!!!... Beautiful girl inside and out.. this is the second Convention I've spent with her and I simply ADORE her!!!. xxxx

The FABULOUS and GORGEOUS Lulla!!!... Another amazing and wonderful lady.. NO.. wait FRIEND!!.. I've had the absolute pleasure of getting to know since joining SU!... Love her to BITS and was lucky enough to room with in Melbourne.. Crazy Shower (that's a whole other story!!) and all!!.. hahaha.
Love ya Lulla!!!

Ok!!.. So there you go.. a few pics of Convention!!.. I'll be back soon with the Awards Dinner pics.. quite possibly photos of the same fabulous ladies, only we'll all be in our BEST DRESSES!!!!

Thanks SO much for stopping by.



Sharnee Torrents said...

Oh my dearest Sarah-Jane!!!
Oh how I think such wonderful thoughts of you too!!! I hate that there is soooo much of this land between us, I's love to hang out more, chat, stamp and of course get those hugs in!!!!! The pic's here are very, very wonderful!! Thanks sooo much for your kind words, (opps here are the tears.......)
Love ya beautiful SJ
HUgs some more
Sharnee :)

Fiona Harrison said...

Hey Beautiful Lady,
It was so lovely to spend time with you again. You are so generous, lovely and talented and I so appreciate you letting me hang with you.
Fingers crossed we can all be at Convention 2012 (i better get started on those workshops so I can afford it LOL).

Hugs, Fi x

Adlewiess said...

your photo's are GORGEOUS!!!! Seriously they look fantastic - I guess that could be because there are fabulous people IN them! So loving sharing your convention experience vicariously - looks like so much fun. Can't wait to see more - hint hint hint! hehehehe. Thanks so much for sharing - hopefully we'll have a picture from convention in one of the coming years! :) xxx