Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last Chance!!!!

It's almost that time of year!!! Quite possibly one of the MOST exciting times of the year in the Stampin' Up! world!! That time of the year is indeed the release of a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Ideas Book and Catalogue!!! I told you it was exciting!!!

Sooooo... in preparation of such a momentous occasion Stampin' Up! have released their 'LAST CHANCE' List. There are litereally HUNDREDS of retiring stamps, papers, ribbons, punches, cardstock, and colours.

If you would like to see the LAST CHANCE list then just click HERE. Don't forget to have your Current Catty close by, but just in case you don't then click HERE to flick through the pages.

Remember once these goodies are GONE, they're GONE!!!

Be quick and let me know what you simply can't live without!!!

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Karen said...

Hey you cheeky thing! lol

Just saw your comment on my blog! With regards to if I ever make a dud card................UM YES!!!!! You havent seen the 3 that ended up in my bin today! lol
Absolutely nothing was workin' for me today let me tell ya! I should have spent the day doin' housework instead! lol

Luv K