Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm a LUCKY Girl!!!

I am a very LUCKY Girl, but at the same time... a bit naughty!!!!
Why you might ask... well... the lovely Danniel gave me not ONE but TWO Blog Awards and I am only just now getting around to THANKING her on my Blog... Oh I have thanked her personally, but not up here and I've been meaning to do so for a few weeks now... SO I'm VERY sorry Danniel.

I must say though that I am HONOURED that Danniel would find my Blog and little creations worthy of such awards... It alway amazes me when I log on and see that people actually do come and visit my little corner of the cyber world and that they might actually like what they see. If you haven't been to Danniel's Blog, make sure you go and check it out, she makes gorgeous cards and I was lucky enough to have met her at our Regionals last year... she is a really lovely lady and I'm lucky to have met her through something that we both enjoy doing so much.

Here are my Awards!!!

Now... being new to receiving such awards, I believe I am to nominate FIVE blogs to award.... soooo here we go ( a task I might add is not at all easy... given there are so many wonderfully talented ladies out there):-

Karen Giron:- I stumbled upon Karen's gorgeous Blog through one of her beautiful entries into Kristina's Colour Challenges. Karen's cards are beautiful and I often visit her Blog for some inspiration for my own cards. Thankyou Karen!!!

Makeesha Byl:- Keesh is such a lovely person... not only does she create beautiful cards, but she kind of adopted me into her Stampin' family and lets me tag along to her talented teams stamping get togethers. So BIG thanks go to you Keesh!!!

Traveling Mama:- I LOVE visiting Tina's Blog... she always puts a smile on my face. Tina had a little baby boy Landon around the same time (the same week I think) as my beautiful Ella was born, and always made me giggle when she posted stories the first couple of months after he was born... she pretty much was typing my exact feelings!!! Apart from giving me a laugh Tina also makes beautiful cards, and you should go and check out the calendar she is making at the moment.. GORGEOUS!!!!

Sarah Klass:- Sarah is another lovely lady I've had the pleasure of meeting since I began my Stampin' Up! journey. Her blog is filled with amazing projects and is a wonderful place to visit for inspiration.

Karen Thomas:- Karen is another fellow Aussie Demo and I love visiting her blog. (So much so that I do believe I am known to Karen as the Blog Banner Stalker... hahaha). Karens work is just gorgeous... so please go and have a look.

Soooo... there are five nominees... a very hard task to narrow it down to just five... soooo please if you are a frequent visitor to my BLOG consider yourself awarded too...

Take care and I'll be back soon to show you some more things.



Karen Giron said...

Wow, thanks Sarah! Your cards and projects are gorgeous and I'm honored you find mine so interesting. Thanks for making my day :)