Thursday, April 1, 2010

Learning Photography!!!

Hellooo!!!.. Well I've been meaning to share some of my Photography excitement with you. My gorgeous friend Karen and I decided to dive 'HEAD FIRST' into an online Photography Course... which I have to say is SOOOOOO much fun!!!

This week we are learning about Apertures!!!.. I know!!!! listen to me getting all fancy with all this technological talk!!! hahaha.

Here's a couple of pics I've taken, that haven't quite made the cut for my Assignment.. I'll have to get snap happy over the weekend and get some 'Passable' shots.. haha.

Here are some pics of my little models:-

Notice a little someones little hand trying to poke the lens... oohh wait it's blurry... I guess my setting worked then... hahaha

I could take photos ALL day of these little bundles of GORGEOUSNESS!!!

Thanks for stopping by.



Sasya said...

she is sooo sooo cuute!! ^^

Lynn said...

Adorable...I'm taking an on-line class too...love it...clickin away!!!

Shell Turner said...

Oh those girls of yours are just beautiful!!

What's the name of the course you're doing?

BTW, could you please email me. My PC crashed and I lost everything, including your email address

Shell xx

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous girls. And the photos look great too.

Karen Giron said...

OOOOHHHH!!!! LOVE these little girls - so cute! You know, this would be even better if we were on the same continent! Gorgeous girls! Can't wait to see more :D

Lee said...

Wowee, you already know how gorgeous I think these pictures are, but your photos capture their sunny personalities perfectly! Well done SJ!

Lee xxx

pat said...

Just to cute. Thanks for sharing you must be very proud.