Monday, April 12, 2010

For my WONDERFUL Man!!!

Eight years ago.... I was lucky enough to marry the most WONDERFUL, amazing, caring and gorgeous person I know... He is BRILLIANT, funny, caring, did I say WONDERFUL and of course the most amazing Daddy to our most precious and BEAUTIFUL girls.

I've made a wee card for him.... not too fancy, after all amongst the brilliantness (hmmm possibly not a word), gorgeousness, amazingness and wonderfulness he is after all still a BOY and although we all gasp at the possibility, this little creation is likely to end up in the bottom of his drawer... hahah... just being honest.. hahah. Now this year being 8 years brings us the following gift ideas ( a little tradition we've had since we were wed).... 8th Anniversary... Bronze(yep!!), Linen and Lace... ah huh!!!) So being the crafty gal that I am and allowing my creative genius to run to it's full extent my little card encompasses all of the above elements... wanna see?

Ok.... soooo.. the heart... the closest bronzy colour I could find Creamy Caramel , Lace in the form of some APRON LACE punching, and Linen in the form of some LINEN THREAD!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.



Fiona Harrison said...

Congrats on your 8th anniversary. I'm sure he will appreciate the card. Love that you match it with the 8yr 'gifts'.
Fi x

Adlewiess said...

Pretty clever adaptation sarah-Jane!!! :) Lovely card too - hope you guys have a wonderful anniversary xxx

Lee said...

happy anniversary you guys! May you have 8x8 more years of wedded bliss together! Your card is perfection for the occasion Sarah, you clever cloggs! And the awesome thing is, your creamy caramel heart looks EXACTLY like bronze!

Hope your [bronze] dinner was delicious :)

Lee xxx

Mary said...

Really lovely Sarah, simple and very elegant. Mary