Sunday, April 4, 2010

and... a little more photography!!!

Looking for this week's Sweet Sunday Sketch? Hop on over to this post.

If you visited during the week you may have seen my little post on the Photography course I'm doing. I FINALLY got my assignment finished today... my goodness... after about 200 odd photos... YES indeed that many... a lot of critique (BY MYSELF!!!) and a fair amount of head banging... due mainly to the fact that I had many a photo I LOVED for my assignment, but didn't take it in the two forms required.. HATE that!!! hahaha

Anyhoo... I thought I'd pop on in and show you a few of the photos I took that I LOVED but were a part of the above mentioned "Head Banging" incident:-

My little Jorja giving me a very "hmmm" look!! hahah

A rare quiet moment.

A REGULAR ... oooohh .... WOW moment.

Miss Ella Bella being a wee bit sad and serious... check out those EYELASHES!!!!

And after more headbanging.. this awesome and gorgeous little teddy was the winner... this is what I've submitted for my assignment. My AWESOME Mum made this for Ella... of course was asked quite promptly by Jorja... "Gee... where's mine?"... never fear.. it's on it's way!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.