Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet Sunday and a FLAT Battery!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

Well you may notice that my card isn't here in this post. It would appear that my camera battery is D.E.A.D.! Yep kaput!! Sooooo... as soon as it has some life in it, and I have some Light to photograph my card I'll post it up here on my lil' ol' bloggo!!!

So, so, sorry!!! You'd think I'd be better at making sure it had some life in it, wouldn't you!!??

While you're waiting for me be sure to pop on over and visit the rest of the Sweet Sunday Stampers:-
And don't forget to link your card to InLInkz over at Karen's blog so we can all see what you've created.

Thanks so much for stopping by.



Karen Giron said...

uhhh... haha! Seems like my card is more appropriate for you today ;)

Usemeplz said...

For these cases I always have two more batteries)))) thanks for interesting post!)