Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Beautiful Jorja!!!

Have I got some EXCITING news for you all... and for those of you who know Jorja well (the whole 17months of her) you will know that she NEVER does things the easy way.... been that way since she was born.... hahaha

Lets start at the beginning shall we... as you know we've been waiting for our little darling to get some more teeth, moreso to keep her solitary front tooth company (the one on the top that took 16months to come through!!!) yep had absolutely NO interest in getting her teeth in the correct order. Well this will make you all giggle... as we were having a little play this afternoon and in a fit of giggles I managed to get a rare glimpse into her mouth... she usually keeps it firmly locked when I want to investigate her teeth...hahaha... Well to my suprise, given Shaney and I have been waiting for the BOTTOM one to come through, I noticed something, and NO it wasn't any of the bottom teeth, but in fact what I believe to be a MOLAR!!! I will need to confirm this of course when Jorja doesn't give me the 'Lock Jaw' move :o). But I'm pretty sure. Lets just say it's either the Molar or her Eye tooth.... either way shouldn't be the second one she gets.
You can always count on our Beautiful Jorja to do things differently!!!