Friday, September 30, 2011

A Miss J Masterpiece!!!


Next week, Monday actually!!! Is little Miss E's 3rd Birthday... where did that time go!!??

Anyhoo... Big Sis, Miss J has been very excited about the preparations of Miss E's birthday celebrations and has been busy helping me get her presents, which all seem to be from Miss J now!! Hmmmm and of course wrapping them, which is a masterpiece in itself, and if the amount of sticky tape ripping last night was anything to go by, that present may never, ever actually get opened!!!

The biggest excitement for Miss J though was getting to create her very own birthday card to give to her little sister, and can I say that i hope that enthusiasm, love and joy continues for ever and ever.

Let me paint the scene for you! Miss J had begun negotiations at the beginning of the week for staying up a little later when Miss E went to bed so she could wrap the present and make a card, and last night was THAT night!!! After wrapping the present and being ever so proud of her efforts she ventured into MY craft room and reappeared with the following goodies:-

  •  A BIG armful of DSP!!;
  • One Extra Large Bird Punch;
  • An armful of Stampin' Spots!!.. They're all hers now and she LOVES having all "these colours Mummy";
  • One Avery Stamp set; and
  • A "Mummy can you please bring the Cleaning Scrubs"  ( ie stampin' scrub).
Can I add firstly that the mere mention of her wanting to stamp sends me into raptures, but the addition of the "Cleaning Scrubs" left me with a HUGE sense of accomplishment.. bwhahaha.. Bless her heart!!!

Soooo... after some serious colour choosing, placement assessment, punching, colouring and of course STAMPIN', here is the final masterpiece:-

She was SO very proud of her card.. and well I was SUPER, SUPER proud. I think her proudest moment may of actually been when after a little discussion trying to figure out if she could get the 'Purple' Birdcage (the one with the owl in it) to have a stand on it. I told her that I wasn't sure she could without it going through her other cage... but she was determined to show me that it could be done.. and well as you can see, she did it.. followed with a big smile and a " See Mummy, I told you I could do it!!" :-)

Please leave her a little comment, I know she'd LOVE to hear what you think.

Thanks for stopping by.

xx Sarah


ruksen said...

What an absolutely beautiful card!!! You should be very proud of your self... I'm sure your baby sister will love it! Keep it up :)

Karen Giron said...

Beautiful job Miss J! Your sister is going to give you the biggest smile when she opens this wonderful card! You are the best big sister ever!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful card. Miss J should be so proud of her efforts. I am sure that Miss E will just love it.
Keep up the great stamping Miss J.

Kards by Kadie said...

Miss J you are a true and official "Card Maker". You did an amazing job with your birdcage placement and your punched birds are AWESOME! I know your little sis is going to squeal with happiness when she receives your card - well done Miss J. Keep up the good work and I'll be looking forward to seeing your blog in the next 10-15 years.

Tracey said...

Look who's inherited Mummy's talent! What a beautiful card. I'm sure Miss E will LOVE it!

irishgalkelly said...

Hi Miss J! Your card is beautiful! You picked some really pretty colors and I love your birds. Your sister is going to love your card and want to make you one for your birthday too. Have a fun birthday celebration with your sister!

Louise Layton said...

Oh Jorja you are such a clever little flossie and Miss E will love, love, love her beautiful card. No wonder Mummy is so proud of her very talented and very beautiful stamper. Elliot and I are looking forward to a playdate very soon xxxxx

Patty Sue 2 said...

Beautiful card Miss J...I can tell you put lots of work and love into making it special. I love your colors, they are bright and cheery! Your are an excellant card maker!

Leslie said...

Miss J the card you made is beeeeeeautiful! I love all the birds and the pretty colours! your sister will love it and good for you for making it with so much love!

Bron Heslop said...

What a beautiful card, Miss J! You so obviously follow in your clever Mama's footsteps. Your little sister will love your creation. xoxo