Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hello there!! I must apologise for my LACK of cards and blogging this week. My computer has finally decided it's time to go where all good.. or should that be BAD computers go!!! My FABULOUS hubby is desperately trying to back up all my STUFF.. you know like cards, photos, all the IMPORTANT stuff.. but unfortunately... I'll have to take a wee break while he's doing it. I will endeavour to sneak onto his computer and get my cards for this week uploaded... I hope I didn't delete them off the CAMERA!!! oh dear!!

I am SO very sorry and hope to be back on track ASAP!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.... (even though I don't have anything to show you today!!!)

xx Sarah


Karen Giron said...

I've wondered where you've been! Poor computer. Hope you didn't lose anything :(

Karen Motz said...

Looking forward to when you're back in business! :)

Lee said...

Go Shaney GO!!! We're suffering SJ withdrawls here.. bwahahahaha! Just poppin' by to say 'Hi!'

Lulla x

Lynn said...

So sorry to hear about your computer Sarah. I've had that happen to me and it's not fun. Hope you get up and running again soon.

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Oh no Sarah! I feel your pain...I hope you don't lose too much. I worry about that myself and delete every pic off my camera as soon as I upload it. Hope to see you back soon!

Fiona Harrison said...

Was wondering why you didn't have your DT cards up, so glad it is computer that is crook and not you. Will enjoy seeing them when you're back on the air,
Fi x