Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SU! Convention 2010 .... this is a long one!!!!

Hello!!!! Well as you probably know I've just returned for an AMAZING, AWESOME, FABULOUS and somewhat exhausting 3 days in Sydney for the SU! Convention!!!!.

This was my VERY FIRST time to SU! Convention... although at times I felt like a Deer in Headlights, I had a truly amazing time. I got to meet SO many wonderful and talented ladies, got to Swap cards with as many wonderful and talented ladies and got to finally talk face to face with some gorgeous gals who up until now I've only chatted to online. AMAZING!!!

I arrived on Thursday afternoon and made my way to the hotel to be greeted by my roomie for the weekend Fiona Harrison. Fi was on of those gals who up until now I'd not met, just had the pleasure of getting to know online... It was so lovely to finally meet her and we kicked it off straight away... chatting to the wee hours of the night... although we are probably wishing we hadn't done that the first night.... the story!!!!!.... get yourself a cuppa and some chockie!!!!... Anyhoo.. our first night was quite an experience to say the least... and I'm sure that the MANY, MANY other SU! Demo's staying at the same hotel would agree in saying that it's an experience we'd quite likely not have repeat itself... EVER!!! We'd all just settled down for the night.. tucked ourselves up nice and cosy only to be awoken by a BLARING, SCREECHING FIRE alarm... yep... the fire alarm in the hotel had gone off... it took a few seconds to realise that that's what was going on... soooooo.... dressed in our glamourous PJ's... we made our way down 10 flights of stairs at approx 130am to stand in the FREEZING cold.. and it was COLD!!!! We were allowed back into the hotel at around 230ish I think... the numbers are a blur really.. and were told after the fire department arrived that it was and Electrical fault. Cool... back to bed!!! ... oh but it doesn't end there... again... we got ourselves tucked in and all comfy cosy only to be awoke AGAIN.. by the same BLARING, SCREECHING FIRE alarm, although this time with the added extra of a voice telling us that we had to EVACUATE the building!!! YES AGAIN!!!.... Once again... glamorously dressed we made our way back down 10 flights of stairs to the FREEZING cold!!!! FUN!!! NOT!!!.... again we were let back into the hotel and told it was an ELECTRICAL fault... you'd kinda think they'd get that fixed... right???... this time though, in the urgency of getting SOME sleep before our FIRST day of Convention... we opted to take the stairs back up to our room... so yes.. back up 10 flights of stairs.... I have to say... I'm quite fond of a little exercise.. but that amount of exercise that early in the morning...C RAZY... I must admit though.. next time... I must give myself at least a couple on minutes to STRETCH!!!!... I could hardly move when it was time to actually get up!!!

Soooooo... you still with me????? I promise there are some pics coming!!!...

We made our way over to the Convention Centre at 730ish for Registration and the chance to meet and swap with some other demos... EXCITING!!!.. and as promised here come the pics!!!!

First up here are the Swaps I made.... I went for FOUR (yes FOUR) designs... I guess given it was my first I was VERY excited!!!! hahaha

Ok so now that I have all the DRAMA out of the way... wanna see some FUN pics??? Some pics of some FABULOUS gals I got meet, and hang out with.... AMAZING!!!!

Here goes!!!

First up!!!!

The TWO SJK's... yep.... we both have the same initials... the fabulous, amazing and absolutely GORGEOUS gal Sarah Klass and moi!!!... absolutely ADORE this gal and am so very glad that this crazy Stampin' thing has allowed us to become friends... Mwah!!

Ooohh and who else.. oh yes.. fellow Inkspiration gals... the AMAZING Teneale... seriously talented this gal... and YES I did get to swap with her... that was my main objective... hunt Teneale down and not leave until I got one of her Swaps... Mission Accomplished... and of course the gorgeous and extremely TALENTED Kirsty Brown.... AMAZING!!!... I was SO happy to finally get to meet these two amazing ladies... they truly are fabulous:-

Ooohhh and this one is one of my fave pics of Convention... Sarah, Sharnee Torrents, and me.. oh and that absolutely DELIGHTFUL little bundle in the front... Sharnee's little Esther. After speaking with Sharnee on Friday morning and not realising until after she'd gone that it was her... yes insert 'head slap moment' ) I looked and looked and looked for her all day Friday and Saturday.. FINALLY I found her... and she is absolutely GORGEOUS... waving Sharnee... I'm SO very glad I found you and actually got to chat with you.

Ok I promise I'm nearly done... I'll post more pics later.. but just had to share a couple more... first up.. some glamour... it was Awards night after all...

Here is Sarah and I AGAIN... yes... AGAIN... hahhaa
and this one...

well I dare say you all know who this is... yes... the fabulous, amazing, and truly GORGEOUS Shelli Gardner. Honestly, I don't think I've ever met a person who continually has such a beautiful smile on her face.. nothing.. and I mean NOTHING is too much trouble for her.. she is truly FABULOUS.

Ok now you've probably fallen asleep.... so I'll stop!!!.. But I"ll be back.. I've got so many more snaps to share with you.

Thanks SO much for stopping by and sticking with me through this NOVEL.



Adlewiess said...

YAY!!!! Finally - a convention post!!! I've been checking and waiting and checking and waiting!!! Awesome awesome awesome to read all about your fun adventures (except the fire alarm - although that will help make it memorable!!!) and to see lots of photo's - so awesome and so glad you had so much fun! Can't wait to see more photos!!!! PLEAsE!!!! Oh, and I LOVE your swaps - just may have to CASE one for a workshop this week! :) xxx

Jodene said...

I loved your photos Sarah, and it was great to actually meet you! (Although I doubt you remember, it was so crazy) LOL
Loved all of your swaps too, they were gorgeous.

Cindy Major said...

Okay, I first want to say that you Aussie gals are the queens of swap cards!!!! I *wish* the quality of swap cards at the US convention was anywhere close to what the DT girls have shared... You did good!

Love seeing the pictures you took. Makes me sad I'll be missing convention myself this summer!

It's fun to see the DT girls all together! :D


Christine Blain said...

Sarah-Jane, this post is fantastic! The whole Convention experience was pretty darn exciting, wasn't it? I was disappointed I didn't get to meet you, or get one of those delicious little swaps. Hopefully next year! Love your enthusiasm :)

Karen Rogers said...

your swaps are great & sad I missed out too but what a blast wasn't it

I tracked down Kirsty & Di Barnes but us kiwis have it so much easier to find each other - saying that didn't meet some of my team mates at all the whole meeting

Anonymous said...

Yay - I am so so pleased that you had the best time. I know you would. Disappointed I could not join you but perhaps next year. It's so fun!! Chantell x x