Friday, December 18, 2009

I am STILL here!!!

Hello There!!!

I just wanted to pop on in and let you know that I am STILL here. I hope you haven't all jumped ship and given up on me. We've just returned from 10 days on Hamilton Island and as you can imagine... the unpacking, cleaning up and washing cycle has begun, add to that madness I still have to organise Jorja's 3rd Birthday for Sunday, get the Christmas tree up and all the pressies wrapped.

I PROMISE I'll be back soon with some new stamping goodness to share.

Have a wonderful day.

Love Sarah


Karen said...

Hey there SJ! So glad to have ya back - but I bet you didnt miss us one little bit while soaking up the sun on hamo island and taking in all that scenery (and I don't mean trees!! lol)

Take care and just take your time getting you and your family back in order! We'll be here ready and waiting for you to post some of those gorgous creations!


adlewiess said...

Phew!!! That's good to know that you're still blogging - it would have been awful to not see any more Sarah Jane creations!!! Enjoy your mad weekend! xxx

Shell Turner said...

so nice to have you back SJ! Happy birthday to Jorja for today and I can't wait to see some lovely pics of your holiday. xoxo