Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Look what I got!!!

Hi There!!

I can't tell you exactly what I sounded like, but I did let out little squeals of delight when I opened up my mail today!!!...ooohhhh it was just lovely. It was enough of a delightful squeal that Jorja asked..."Mummy OK?"... Yes Mummy is OK!!!

Sooooo, would you like to see what my squeals were over???

The first lot of squeals were for this BEAUTIFUL Birthday card I received from Karen.... yes that Karen... The lovely and EXTREMELY talented and clever Karen Giron, well OK there were double squeals going on here... one with the delight of the beautiful card, and one because I was so excited it was from Karen. (You see Karen and I share the same Birthday... April 24th)... hehehehe...

Look at this gorgeous creation in all it's PINKNESS... Karen knows me oh so well. Oh gosh I just love it, and it has taken pride of place on the TV for everyone to see.
Thankyou so very much Karen!!!! (I'm still squealing, but a little more quietly now, so as to not alarm Jorja again!!) hahaha

Oh and the next lot of squeals were for this stunning card from Keesh.

Isn't it gorgeous... and again lots of lovely Pink. Ooohh I LOVE it.
Thankyou too Keesh, it's just beautiful.

Getting these in the post today, just made my day. So Thankyou again Karen and Keesh, hopefully after a nice hot cuppa, i'll have calmed down enough to sit down and make some more cards myself.

Bye for now.



Karen Giron said...

You know, I think I heard you all the way over here! It takes a lot to get over those Rocky Mountains. So glad you enjoyed your birthday card - a few days early even.

Nancy said...

You are too funny!!
Those cards are beautiful!